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Flexible 24h / 7, convenient, fast and cheap car rental in Tallinn!

More information by phone +372 5555 6600 - we are open 24 hours a day

About us 

Who are we?

Auto Rental Tallinn OÜ has been a high-quality full-service car rental company based on Estonian capital since 2018. We do our best to offer you a car rental service at the best prices. Our main activity is 24h / 7  Car rental It is also possible to rent car accessories through us

Why Auto Rental Tallinn OÜ  is the best car rental company for you?

• We are open 24/7
• We issue rental cars on time
• The cars are technically in order and clean
• The price is one of the lowest in Estonia
• Up to 4 additional drivers free of charge
• Discounts for regular customers
• Quick booking  by telephone
• Credit card is not required
• Traffic and comprehensive insurance  is included in the price
• 24h / 7  free assistance throughout Europe
• On-site payment in cash or by card

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  • We serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Delivery and removal of vehicles within the center of Tallinn takes place Mon-Fri 8.30-20.30 and LP 09.30-19.30.

  • Within the center of Tallinn, delivery of the car costs 10.- EUR and removal within 10.-EUR, in case of a rental period of at least 7 days, we will deliver the car within the center of Tallinn (including the airport) free of charge. The vehicle can be picked up and returned at Punane 16a, Tallinn at no extra charge.

  • We serve outside working hours for an additional fee. Surcharge from 15.- EUR, the exact amount depends on the time.

  • You need to bring a driver's license, ID card or passport to rent.

  • We can only enter into a rental agreement with a person who has a valid driving license and who presents us with a driving license in his or her own name at the beginning of the rental period. If at the beginning of the rental period it turns out that your driving license does not apply, we will not be able to issue the car, nor will any advance payments made in this case be refunded.

  • The deductible for comprehensive insurance is from 300 to 600 EUR for cars.

  • All our vehicles have a free car assistance package valid throughout Europe. In the event of a possible technical fault, the car will be taken to the nearest dealership, where the fault will be rectified as soon as possible.

  • In the event of a technical breakdown of the vehicle, the costs of travel interruption (hotel reservations, continuation of the trip / return home, etc.) will not be borne by us. If the technical failure is not caused by the customer's negligence, we will bear the costs of returning the car home. We definitely recommend taking out travel insurance, which also includes protection against interruption of the trip, in which case the costs of possible interruption of the trip will be reimbursed by your insurer.

  • If your driving license is issued outside the European Union, you may need an international driving license in addition to the national driving license to drive a motor vehicle in Estonia. If you are not sure whether your national driving license is valid in Estonia or not, please inform us when booking the vehicle to avoid future confusion. If your national driving license is not valid in Estonia and you do not have an international driving license, then unfortunately we cannot issue the vehicle to you.

  • The car will be handed over to the renter with a full fuel tank and must also be returned with a full fuel tank.

  • Car exterior washing and dry cleaning of the cabin are not included  included in the rental price. If the vehicle needs dry cleaning in the cabin when returning, 250 EUR must be paid for it.

  • It is prohibited to take a vehicle across the state border of the Republic of Estonia without the written permission of the lessor.

  • Fines received during the lease period are also recoverable retrospectively. Fines that were not notified to the landlord will later be collected twice.

  • It is forbidden to smoke or consume alcohol in the rental car. In case of violation of the prohibition, a fine of 300.- EUR

  • Payment for rental services is made before the start of the rental period, unless otherwise agreed in advance.



Punane 16a, Tallinn

+372 5555 6600

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